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As a site selector, you already know that Flagstaff is unique. Our superlative scenery, year-round recreational opportunities, well-educated workforce, and easy access to major markets set us apart.

Guiding You Every Step of the Way

You’ll also enjoy the one-on-one attention that our companies get from community and business stakeholders. If you’re planning on new construction, or remodeling or expanding an existing property, the City of Flagstaff will guide you every step of the way.

It starts with our free Pre-Application Meeting. This is your opportunity to meet Development Services staff. You’ll learn whether your concept meets existing codes and policies, and, if not, the remedies.

Once your development process starts, you’ll work with a Development Case Manager, who will serve as your single point of contact.

Early in your project’s review process, your Case Manager will give you a road map of what lies ahead. Once things are underway, your Case Manager can also help settle disputes between codes and regulations, and keep your project on a predictable schedule.

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Start the conversation now. Our Economic Development staff is listed below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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2026 N 3rd St - Warehouse

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822 N Humphreys St - Drive Through

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506 N Grant St - Industrial Office

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7201 Leupp Rd - Industrial Building

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3800 E Huntington Dr - Warehouse

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3001 Shamrell Blvd - Flex Office

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2511 Route 66 & 4th St - Lot 9

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2511 Route 66 & 4th St - Lot 12

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2355 N Steves Blvd - Office

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We’re bigger than you think.

Exactly how big is Flagstaff? If you’re guessing 10 square miles, go higher. Much higher.

The correct answer is Approximately 64 square miles.

And did you know that our trade area goes all the way to the Utah and New Mexico borders? That’s BIG! As in, square miles!

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Meet your next customers.

Who lives, works, and goes to school in Flagstaff? A diverse mix of people of all ages, ethnicities, occupations, and incomes.

What do they have in common? A love for our region’s stunning beauty!

Want to learn more about our growing city and its unique business opportunities? Meet your next customers in these demographic reports:

Where the money goes.

When local consumers spend their money, how much of it goes to local merchants? How much of it leaves Flagstaff? And what are Flagstaff consumers buying outside our city?

Get the answers to these and other questions in our retail leakage reports:

Flagstaff is THE gateway to the Grand Canyon with 5,000,000 visitors annually.

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