Living Here

Living Here

Flagstaff’s quality of life is a primary consideration when people decide to make it their home. Flagstaff provides the distinct culture people desire, surrounded by nature there are many outdoor activities, plus dining and retail amenities to enjoy. Whether people move here for the San Francisco Peaks and ponderosa pines, friendly neighborhoods or excellent school systems, Flagstaff will not disappoint in what it has to offer.

Known as a college town, Flagstaff is an attractive location for many young individuals who are going to school or simply enjoying the college atmosphere. Northern Arizona University (NAU) prides itself on academics, research and enriching experiences. Flagstaff’s quality education trickles down to its youngest students who are taught by the highest-educated workforce in the state. Families are provided with numerous public, private and charter school options for their children. The local community college, Coconino Community College (CCC), developed a transition program to NAU called CCC2NAU, giving students a seamless transition to the university.

Working and living in Flagstaff go hand-in-hand for those who establish their lives here. People have a plethora of companies, both private and public, to choose from and various career fields also. Flagstaff is the focal point of quality healthcare services in the Northern Arizona region, with many traditional and alternative medicine options. Flagstaff Medical Center (FMC) is one of only two Arizona hospitals to receive the Outstanding Patient Experience Award in 2010. It also provides essential services such as a regional trauma center, orthopedics, and cancer center and much more.

Flagstaff is known for the small town charm that still attracts people from all over the nation and world. Residents in Flagstaff range from college students, to families with newborns and grandparents. In a city where neighbors have relationships with each other, people feel safe and welcome in each residential area of town. Flagstaff is composed of both historic homes in downtown as well as new houses with parks and playgrounds, accommodating families of a myriad of interests & needs.