A great place to start, grow and
expand your business. And life.

1,227 patents have been granted to Flagstaff entrepreneurs between 1976 and 2018.

Flagstaff's key industry sectors include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Astronomy
  • Bioscience
  • Craft Brewing
  • Digital/e-Commerce
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health Care
  • Retail
  • Tourism
Explore these businesses and learn why Flagstaff is home to:

Transforming innovation
into business.

Flagstaff’s strong entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by our educated workforce, cutting-edge research, and quality of life. NACET is the place where businesses get started and bring their ideas to life, put people to work in good jobs, and pour money into the regional economy.

Looking for a business incubator that’s out of this world?

If you’re accepted to Moonshot at NACET, you’ll embark on an entrepreneurial journey will take you from business idea to commercialization.

Centrally located in Flagstaff, NACET consists of two state-ofthe-art LEED certified buildings. With a total of 38,000 square feet, these buildings house furnished and unfurnished offices, wet labs, light-manufacturing space, and conference and meeting rooms. Tenants and NACET-hosted events enjoy free parking, access to the Mountain Line Transit, a quick walk to Buffalo Park, and the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS).

Tourism is our #1 industry. Let’s visit the numbers.

  • Each year, we welcome more than 5,000,000 visitors.

  • Only 80 miles from the Grand Canyon! Even closer to other attractions.

  • Our visitors come from all over America – and the world!

  • In Flagstaff, tourism and hospitality is a $563 million industry with more than 8,000 employees.

  • Our well-trained hospitality workforce is also well-educated. Many employees have four-year degrees and transferable skills.

  • Did you know that Flagstaff has more hotel rooms per capita than Las Vegas?

Biomedical Manufacturing:
Being 14x more specialized makes us 100x better.

Did you know that Flagstaff is 14 times more specialized in biomedical manufacturing than any other city in the United States? And that bioscience is one of our fastest growing industry sectors?

The secrets to our success can be yours. If you start, expand, or relocate your company in Flagstaff, you’ll enjoy:

  • Access to cutting edge research at Northern Arizona University
  • Proximity to major markets
  • Great operational environment
  • Highly trained engineers
Flagstaff and Bioscience: We go back a long way.

Accelerating the speed
of innovation.

Businesses, entrepreneurs and job-seekers from around the world are attracted to Flagstaff’s innovative spirit and friendly business environment.

Made in Flagstaff.
Found Worldwide.

Our manufacturing community produces everything from life-saving heart stents at W.L. Gore & Associates to the millions of tasty ice cream cones that Joy Cone produces every year. Our companies’ strengths range from traditional manufacturing like Nestle-Purina to Prent Thermoforming, an international leader in precision packaging for companies like Apple and W.L. Gore & Associates.

Discovered Pluto. Then new worlds of scientific collaboration.

In 1894, Percival Lowell established Lowell Observatory on Mars Hill. What has followed is a history of innovation and exploration in Flagstaff, the First International Dark Skies Community. Today, researchers from around the world travel to Lowell Observatory. Collectively, they’re advancing astronomy, using the most advanced resources and tools in the world

Lowell Observatory: Our homegrown astronomical incubator.

The 4.3 meter Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT) is the observatory’s flagship instrument. Owned and operated by Lowell Observatory, scientific partnerships have been formed with Northern Arizona University, Boston University, the University of Maryland, and the University of Toledo.

The Navy Precision Optical Interferometer (NPOI), a highly specialized telescope, is a collaborative effort among the U.S.Naval Observatory, the Naval Research Laboratory, and Lowell Observatory.

Craft Beer.
Proof that entrepreneurship
is brewing in Flagstaff.

With eight breweries, one distillery, and one meadery, Flagstaff is a Craft Brew City! Many of our locally produced, award-winning beverages are distributed not just throughout Arizona but across the western United States.

Use this list to start your Flagstaff Craft Brew Tour!

The quality of retail fits all needs.

Thinking of opening a new retail store in Flagstaff? Or are you looking to expand your retail operations? Here’s how the City of Flagstaff can help.

We subscribe to Buxton Analytics, a consumer research company that uses Experian credit card data to provide various “snapshots” of a community. For example, you might be a retailer interested in expanding to Flagstaff. Buxton allows us to compare Flagstaff demographics to your existing location. This comparison provides you with valuable market information and can help you predict how successful your expansion could be.

Want to learn more? We’d be happy to show the tools that can help your retail business succeed in Flagstaff.

Rio Olympics 2016?
30 different countries trained in Flagstaff winning 39 Olympic or Paralympic medals.

Learn More About Our Training Facilities