Flagstaff is the destination for over 4,000,000 annual visitors who come to enjoy a variety of outdoor destinations and events. Flagstaff experiences strong demand from international and domestic tourists based on our proximity to the Grand Canyon and other natural wonders. 4,000,000 annual visitors provide a lot of opportunity for the $390 million tourism and hospitality industry in Flagstaff.

Tourism is the largest industry in Flagstaff with more hotel rooms per capita than Las Vegas, employing over 5,400 employees. In addition to the hospitality industry’s economic impact a number of attractions are available for visitors while in town. Flagstaff’s well trained hospitality workforce has many skills, and often 4-year degrees, that can be transferred to other service based industries.

Nearby Attractions:

- Grand Canyon
- Grand Canyon Railway
- Lowell Observatory
- Discovery Channel Telescope
- Museum of Northern Arizona
- Flagstaff Extreme
- Arizona Snowbowl
- North Pole Experience
- Bearizona
- Twin Arrows Hotel and Casino

"The recreational opportunities, education options, entrepreneurial spirit, and the close proximity to so many great places makes Flagstaff a very unique location to live, work, and play."
-J.R. Murray of Arizona Snowbowl