Flagstaff’s bioscience industry has quickly become one of its fastest growing industry sectors. In fact, Flagstaff is 13 times more specialized in biomedical manufacturing than any other city in the United States. W.L. Gore and Associates, the creator of GORE-TEX and other innovative, life saving products has called Flagstaff home for over 40 years.

TGen North conducts groundbreaking epidemiologic research related to pathogens important to medicine, public health and biodefense. World renowned scientist Dr. Paul Keim leads TGen North’s genomic division and is one of the foremost experts on anthrax and other dangerous infectious diseases. SenesTech, Inc. has become the leader in reproductive physiology in Flagstaff as well. SenesTech strives to find non-surgical sterilization techniques that will control the pest populations worldwide.

Access to cutting edge research at NAU, major markets, great operational environment and highly trained engineers are some of the key ingredients for Flagstaff’s bioscience cluster.

Bioscience Roadmap (link)

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"W.L. Gore's Flagstaff operations are key to our future growth. The Flagstaff area appeals to people who have made great contributions at Gore - it’s a special quality of life here."
-David Abeyta of W.L. Gore